Projects and Maintenance

Seqwater manages a continuous maintenance program for $11 billion of traditional and climate-resilient water supply assets to ensure a high level of reliability, in addition to planning for and delivering new and improved infrastructure.

Everyday our people and contractors work to maintain and improve our network, as part of our commitment to providing high quality drinking water for South East Queenslanders.

Enhancing the SEQ Water Grid

The SEQ Water Grid is the backbone of South East Queensland’s bulk water supply network, connecting a range of dams, water treatment plants, reservoirs and pump stations via 600 kilometres of pipelines.

Seqwater is working to expand the SEQ Water Grid to cater for growing communities, as well as exploring the increased production of desalinated water (turning seawater into drinking water) to prepare for the known impacts of climate change.

Through Seqwater’s Dam Improvement Program, we’re also investing in our region’s dams to ensure they provide water security for years to come.

Major dam upgrades and proposed water security projects will see Seqwater deliver a significant capital delivery program over the next decade, to ensure we continue to provide a safe, reliable and valued water supply for South East Queenslanders.

Dam Improvement Program

Dams are long-life assets which require continual assessment, monitoring and maintenance. Through Seqwater’s Dam Improvement Program (DIP), we’re investing in our region’s dams to ensure they provide water security for years to come.

Our region’s dams were built to high safety standards, but most were built some decades ago. Methodologies and data used to estimate extreme rainfall events continue to improve and industry engineering standards and understanding of risks can progress over time.

The Dam Improvement Program is ensuring our region’s dams comply with the latest safety standards and continue to function safely during extreme weather events in line with regulatory requirements.

Thirteen dam upgrades have already been delivered under the program, including Ewen Maddock, Sideling Creek and Leslie Harrison.

The next tranche now underway includes Somerset, Wivenhoe, North Pine and Lake Macdonald Dams:

Seqwater undertakes regular monitoring and engineering assessment to make sure the region’s dams continue to operate safely. For more information visit:

Water Security Investment Program

Enhancements to the SEQ Water Grid will be required to maintain a high level of water security and withstand drought periods as our population continues to grow and we feel the impacts of climate change. Modelling shows the next major enhancement of the SEQ Water Grid could be required by 2035. Seqwater is planning now to ensure we’re well prepared for the future.

Under the Water Security Investment Program, Seqwater is exploring a number of opportunities to enhance the SEQ Water Grid, including making the most of existing assets, and exploring the expansion of desalinated water production in the region which doesn’t rely on rain.

These projects are key strategies under Seqwater’s Water Security Program 2023 – a 30-year strategy to ensuring a high level of water security for a growing South East Queensland. For more information visit:

Capital works

An extensive capital works program takes asset maintenance to the next step with delivering construction programs to:

  • upgrade, refurbish and improve existing infrastructure
  • build and/or improve water supply assets.

Projects currently underway include:

Asset maintenance

Our asset maintenance program is conducted within Seqwater property, inside and around our natural catchments and built assets.

For more information about easements accessed by Seqwater for maintenance, visit working near water infrastructure.

Catchment and waterway care

At Seqwater, we're committed to being a good neighbour and an active community member.

We work with neighbours, community members and research groups to help us improve protect and improve our catchments and waterways.

Maintaining our built assets

Maintaining and improving our traditional and climate-resilient water supply assets allows us to deliver approximately 280,000 million litres of drinking water a year for South East Queensland.

Supplier information

Seqwater offers work through tenders and other arrangements to a wide variety of industries and suppliers.

You can find out more information here: Supplier information | Seqwater