Site access for organised events or filming

More than 2.7 million people visit Seqwater sites each year. Many of our lakes are great locations to hold an event or function – from birthday parties, to weddings, to fishing or sporting competitions. The natural beauty of these areas also makes them desirable locations for filming and photography.

Our challenge is balancing the ongoing health of catchments and the quality of the regions drinking water supply, while providing access to a range of water-based and on-shore activities at our dams, lakes and parks.

Organised events and activities

You may need to apply for a permit if you wish to hold an event at one of our dams, lakes or parks.

All events and filming activities on Seqwater sites fall under one of two categories:

  • notifiable events: low impact events do not require a permit
  • permit-controlled events: larger events will need a permit


    Complete the self assessment checklist below to determine the correct application process for your event. You will be prompted with the correct course of action for your event.

    Please submit all applications and supporting material at least four weeks before your event to allow sufficient time to process your application. If approved, the permit will outline the conditions of access and use.

    Filming and photography

    The beautiful landscape and natural features at our lakes and surrounding areas make them perfect locations for filming and photography. Permits are required for film production including feature films, television commercials, travel shows, marketing campaigns and still photography shoots.

    To apply for a permit please complete and submit the Filming and Photography Application Form at least four weeks prior to the production date(s). The completed and signed application form must be accompanied by:

    • a detailed site plan including a map of proposed filming areas
    • risk management plan and traffic management plan if required
    • the requisite application fee
    • satisfactory evidence of a current public liability insurance policy in favour of the applicant for a minimum $20 million.

    Please note applications received less than four weeks before the proposed production date may not be processed, regardless of the application’s merits.

    We reserve the right to negotiate any conditions of use and/or fees, depending on the complexity of the application. We may waive or reduce application fees for low impact productions from students or not-for-profit organisations.

    We reserve the right to refuse any application where the proposed production is deemed to be unacceptable or could cause harm to the organisation’s reputation.

    Fees and charges

    All events and filming activities on Seqwater sites fall under one of two categories - notifiable events or permit controlled events. Notifiable events attract no fees or charges, permit-controlled events do.

    Every application under the permit-controlled events category attracts a non-refundable application assessment fee of $340. If an application is for a commercial activity it will attract an additional fee based on the nature and impact of the event on the site and other users.

    Read more about the fees and charges schedule here.