Self-assessment checklist

Complete the self assessment checklist below to determine the correct application process for your event. 

You will be prompted with the correct course of action for your event.

Recreational activity and event self-assessment checklist

Answer the following questions to determine the correct application process to use for your event.

1. Do you propose to undertake a commercial activity? e.g. mobile food service, equipment hire or sales, transport or tourist service)
2. Is the activity being held for club or competitive purposes? (e.g. fishing competition, rowing regatta, water-skiing tournament, mountain bike event, horse riding etc.)
3. Are you requesting to have exclusive use of part of a recreational area? (e.g. wedding/event in a designated portion of a park where the public are prevented from entering)
4. Are you requesting access outside of standard opening hours and / or to use land outside of a designated recreation area? (e.g. event start and/or finish times are outside Seqwater standard opening hours/proposed access or use is for an area not currently open to the public)
5. Will your event potentially impact public access to, or the use of, the recreation area where your event is being held? (e.g. additional traffic or impact on available parking, significant use of amenities, erecting single or multiple temporary structures)

Please send an email to the Recreation Team with the following details:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • What lake are you proposing to hold your event at (include specific recreation area if applicable)
  • Date and day of your proposed event
  • Start and finish times of your proposed event
  • The approximate number of people attending your proposed event
  • A detailed description of your proposed event (e.g. birthday party, bushwalk, etc)
  • Any other relevant information regarding your proposed event