A safe, secure and reliable water supply

On behalf of the people of South East Queensland, we manage up to $11 billion of bulk water supply infrastructure and the natural catchments of the region’s water supply sources to ensure a reliable, quality water supply for more than 3 million consumers across the region.

Our interconnected SEQ Water Grid, built during the Millennium Drought, includes dams and weirs, conventional water treatment plants and climate resilient sources of water through the Gold Coast Desalination Plant and the Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme. More than 600 kilometres of bi-directional pipeline network enables us to transport drinking water, from the Gold Coast to Redlands, to Greater Brisbane and north to the Sunshine Coast and vice versa. We also supply drinking water to 53,000 people living in 16 off-grid communities. The water for these communities is sourced and treated locally, then distributed to households and businesses.  View a map of our SEQ Water Grid and off-grid water treatment plants.

Seqwater also provides essential flood mitigation services and supplies water for irrigation to around 1200 rural customers in seven water supply schemes.

We manage open catchments, allowing the community to enjoy lakes and catchment land while ensuring quality bulk water supply for the region. Water treatment begins at the source and we take a whole-of-catchment approach to water quality.

Planning and demand management

Seqwater undertakes long term demand modelling which allows us to manage supply more efficiently, as well as enact water conservation measures and drought response plans when needed.

On 24 March 2017, Seqwater released version 2 of Water for life - our 30-year plan for providing safe, secure and cost-effective drinking water for South East Queensland. This long-term plan will provide enough water to sustain household and business needs for our growing region.

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A safe, secure and reliable water supply