We manage a continuous maintenance program for $12 billion of traditional and climate-resilient water supply assets, as well as undertake high-value asset portfolio development and delivery program for new and improved infrastructure.

Everyday our staff and our contractors work around the clock to maintain and improve our assets, continuing our commitment to providing high quality drinking water.

Asset maintenance

Our asset maintenance program is conducted within Seqwater property, inside and around our natural catchments and built assets.

For more information about easements accessed by Seqwater for maintenance, visit working near water infrastructure.

Catchment and waterway care

At Seqwater, we're committed to being a good neighbour and an active community member.

We work with neighbours, community members and research groups to help us improve protect and improve our catchments and waterways.

Maintaining our built assets

Maintaining and improving our traditional and climate-resilient water supply assets allows us to deliver approximately 320 billion litres of drinking water a year for South East Queensland.

Capital work projects

An extensive capital works program takes asset maintenance to the next step with delivering construction programs to:

  • upgrade, refurbish and improve existing infrastructure
  • build and/or improve water supply assets.

Dam Improvement Program

Dams are long-life assets and require continual assessment, monitoring and maintenance. Like all responsible dam operators across the country, we upgrade our dams to meet the national guidelines set by the Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD).

Water supply upgrades

Every year, we work through a program of small to large scale upgrade projects to improve and maintain our water infrastructure and continue to provide a reliable drinking water supply to the region.

Water security

We’re planning South East Queensland’s future water supply to make sure we have enough water to sustain our communities.

We need to understand how the community values water and what we want our water future to look like.

Realities of Rain

The conversation starts here. Can you imagine a South East Queensland without water? It is a reality because we can't always rely on rain to fall in our dams. So, how do we make sure we don't run out of water now and into the future?

Water Security Program

Seqwater’s Water Security Program 2023 (WSP2023) sets out a 30-year plan to ensure we continue to maintain high levels of water security for South East Queenslanders.

You can read more here: https://www.seqwater.com.au/water-security

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