Built in 1989, the Landers Shute Water Treatment Plant is an integral part of the SEQ Water Grid. It can supply water to people between Noosa and Brisbane’s northern suburbs through the Northern Pipeline Interconnector.

To improve the long term capacity and reliability of this important infrastructure, we will be making a number of repairs and upgrades at the plant over the next few years.

The key projects delivered in 2016-17 included lime storage and dosing upgrades, sludge handling improvements and sedimentation tank refurbishments.

For more information about the capital works program, email communications@seqwater.com.au

Fast facts

  • The Landers Shute Water Treatment Plant is located near Montville, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
  • In 2003, the plant was upgraded to increase its production capacity to 140 megalitres per day and introduce advanced treatment technologies including ozone and biologically activated carbon.
  • Baroon Pocket Dam supplies water to the plant.
  • The plant is the most efficient plant in the grid to operate, using gravity, instead of pumps, to move water to where it is needed.
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