In 2012-13, we commissioned an independent review of our 26 referable dams, which found improvements are needed at a number of our dams to meet the Queensland dam safety guidelines into the future.

We have prioritised a program of dam upgrades in a staged approach to give us time to scope, design and plan, while maintaining public safety, security of water supply and delivering best value for money.

Bill Gunn Dam upgrade

The full supply level at Bill Gunn Dam (Lake Dyer) was lowered in 2014, as part of the Dam Improvement Program.

Lowering water levels is an industry-accepted practice to best manage the safety of dams either temporarily or in the long term. Lowering the water level in a dam reduces water pressure and loads on the dam wall, and can also create temporary storage to increase its capacity to mitigate floods.

The new full supply level at Bill Gunn is about one metre lower than its original full supply level or about 90% of the dam’s original design capacity.

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