Many of our dams, lakes and parks are open for the community to enjoy activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and camping.

These relaxing, picturesque environments can give a false sense of security, as accidents can still happen if visitors get complacent.

Seqwater rangers and compliance officers regularly patrol our recreation areas but they can't be everywhere to help you.

While your safety is important to us, it is your responsibility to Play it safe when at Seqwater's recreation areas and be mindful of others.


Plan ahead to Play it safe

Always plan ahead and be prepared if you're planning a visit to one of Seqwater's recreation sites. Be aware of hazards associated with recreating in natural areas, remain vigilant of changing lake conditions and always carry a first aid kit.

Here are some more tips to help you Play it safe:

  • Be prepared for your activity with appropriate equipment and safety gear such as life jackets
  • Only swim in designated swimming areas at lakes where it is permitted
  • Make sure your children are supervised at all times
  • Check our recreation and safety notices before you leave for the latest information on conditions and closures
  • Read our fact sheets on swimming, boating and multi-use trails
  • Check the weather at

Just like the weather, access to and availability of our sites can often change. 

It's important to remember our lakes and parks form part of a habitat with a variety of wildlife and natural organisms living in them, particularly in the warmer temperatures. The heat might may also mean animals and insects are more prevalent both on the land in and the water.

Play it safe crossword challenge!

Play it safe this summer with our fun interactive crossword challenge.

Download and print a copy of our play it safe crossword now.