Water sports

Enjoy the thrill of water skiing, jet skiing or wakeboarding? South East Queensland has a number of lakes that allow for these high octane activities!

Playing it safe doesn't mean pouring cold water on the fun. Play it safe, keep the fun alive so everyone can enjoy a great day out and go home safe and sound. 

If you're planning to visit South East Queensland lakes this summer for water sports, make sure you're aware of these key safety tips and rules and know:

  • what type of water sports are permitted on which lakes
  • where boat ramps and launch points are located
  • whether you need a permit, boat registration and licence
  • what safety equipment and information you need for your activity.

All activities on South East Queensland lakes are covered by the Boating Regulations set by Maritime Safety Queensland.

Use our recreation map to help you plan ahead and find the perfect site, and always check our recreation and safety notices before you leave home for the latest lake closures and conditions.


Play it safe fact sheet

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