Seqwater is working to manage invasive pest animals around Lake Wyaralong.

Wild dogs are a restricted pest species in Queensland. As a landholder, Seqwater has a responsibility to manage pest animals on its land under the Biosecurity Act.

1080 baits will be laid from late October 2018 until late November 2018 at a number of locations near the dam. If you are in the area, please follow signage and the instructions of trained personnel at all times.

1080 (Sodium Fluoroacetate) is a registered pesticide for the control of wild dogs, feral pigs, rabbits and foxes. It is the most efficient, humane and species-specific pesticide currently available for restricted pest animal control in Australia.


There is no known antidote for 1080 poisoning. Please ensure domestic and working dogs are restrained or muzzled during this baiting period.

To report pest animal sightings near Lake Wyaralong or for more information about the pest management program, email