We will be modifying underground pipelines from Tuesday 8 August 2017 as part of infrastructure upgrades at the Aspley Reservoir.

The work will involve cutting into existing pipes and laying new ones to help us move water from the south of Brisbane to the northern region.

Night works will be conducted within the reservoir grounds off Lawrence Road on Tuesday 8 August, subject to weather conditions and other unexpected delays. To minimise risks to water supply, work will start at 3am and may take up to 36 hours to complete.

Construction equipment will include, but is not limited to, cranes, trucks, excavators, cutting tools, lights and a generator. We will attempt to minimise noise and other disruptions where possible, but we do appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

We do not anticipate any interruptions to your water supply as a result of this work.

For more information about this work, contact the project team on 1800 901 570 (9am-5pm) or email communications@seqwater.com.au