Planning for the Wivenhoe Dam upgrade is in the early stages and a decision on the preferred upgrade option is not expected until 2020.

In planning the upgrade, we need to consider the safety and integrity of the dam structure, the security of our drinking water supply, and the potential for further flood mitigation. The benefits and costs of about 50 different options will be explored, including consideration of options to increase the height of the dam wall to for increasing the flood capacity and potentially to improve flood mitigation downstream.

Temporary full supply level

In 2016, the flood operation procedures were modified for Somerset Dam as a precautionary safety measure and drinking water levels of both Somerset and Wivenhoe dams were temporarily lowered to maintain flood mitigation benefits provided by both dams. Somerset was lowered to 80 per cent of its normal drinking water storage and Wivenhoe to 90 per cent..

The full supply levels in both dams will remain lowered until Somerset Dam is upgraded.

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