From Monday 5 June 2017, Seqwater will begin maintenance on a section of above ground water pipeline between the East Bank Pump Station on Stumers Road and the East Bank Water Treatment Plant on Mt Crosby Road.

Work will occur between 7am and 5pm from Monday to Friday, and should take about eight weeks to complete, subject to any unforseen delays.

There will be an increase in noise and vehicle movements as a part of construction and we will try to minimise disruption where possible. 

Construction equipment will include, but is not limited to:

  • sand and water blasting equipment
  • generators and compressors to power equipment
  • scaffolding and encapsulation tent

Seqwater contractor (Duratec) will be accessing an area of bush land off Stumers Road.

This work is part of the 2017 Mt Crosby Pipeline Recoating Program and will involve cleaning (using water and sand blasters) and repainting pipes. Recoating above ground water pipelines is required about every 15 years to help protect them from surface corrosion and extend their service life.What to expect:

For more information, contact the project team on 1800 901 570 or at