We supply water to around 1200 rural irrigation customers across South East Queensland, supporting dairy production, vegetable and grain crops, fruit and nut production, fodder crops and various other local primary producers.

Seqwater supplies water to rural landholders and businesses that are licensed to take water from dams and waterways we manage. We actively supply water to allocation holders via natural water courses, channels and pipelines, and via passive recharge to natural underground water systems.

The amount of water that can be extracted by licensed irrigators varies according to local water conditions. In times of drought or low flows, irrigation entitlements may be restricted or suspended.

For any questions related to irrigation schemes, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1300 737 928.

QCA Irrigation Price Review 2025-29

The Queensland Government Competition Authority (QCA) has been directed by the Queensland Government to review the irrigation pricing practices of Seqwater and Sunwater.