Kayaking at Maddock Park

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Kayaking is a popular activity at Ewen Maddock Dam. Please remember only non-motorised craft are permitted on the lake.

For your safety and to protect the riparian areas around the lake, vessels are only to be operated from designated launch points.

Please be courteous to our neighbours. Much of the land surrounding the lake is private property. Do not launch, retrieve or beach on land around the lakes other than at the designated recreation area at Maddock Park.

All activities on Seqwater lakes are covered by the Boating Regulations set by Maritime Safety Queensland (www.msq.qld.gov.au).

Wash down facilities are provided to help prevent the spread of aquatic weeds. Please wash down your paddle craft before leaving the site.

For more information, download the Ewen Maddock Dam recreation guide.

Safety Information

Wearing a lifejacket can save your life. Even if you're an expert, it is always best to wear a lifejacket while out on the water. It's a lot harder to put one on during an emergency.

You must not launch, beach or retrieve your paddlecraft on land other than approved designated areas.

Do not paddle in exclusion zones, or near the dam wall.

Keep a safe distance from other lake users, and be aware of changing conditions.