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Weed alert at Lake Baroon

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Last Updated: Friday, 25 June, 2021 - 14:22

Salvinia at Lake Baroon

We’re reminding visitors at Seqwater lakes to please check your boats, paddlecraft and equipment for weed ‘hitchhikers’ before entering or leaving waterways, particularly at Lake Baroon.

Rangers conducting an inspection at Baroon Pocket Dam discovered fragments of the aquatic weed Salvinia molesta, which is not previously recorded in the storage.

Salvinia, a native of South America, is highly invasive and is listed as a weed of national significance.

Serious aquatic weeds like Salvinia, Water Hyacinth and Cabomba are able to reproduce from even the smallest of fragments or seeds. Weeds affect the local ecology and water quality and adversely affect bushland, wetlands, waterways and lakes. We can all help to protect our waterways from these damaging weeds.

What can you do to help?

  • Remove all visible mud and plants from your equipment, boats, trailers, boots, crab pots etc before leaving our lakes
  • Eliminate water from all equipment before transporting it anywhere, as the water may contain plant fragments or seeds
  • Clean boats, motors, trailers, floats, anchors etc before leaving. If possible allow the equipment to dry for about five days before entering new waters
  • Don't release or put plants, fish or other animals into a body of water they did not come from. This is an important step to prevent the spread of introduced species of plants and animals into our waterways.

Seqwater values your assistance in helping to manage aquatic weeds. Remain vigilant when accessing our lakes and catchments can help stop the spread. Please report suspected aquatic weeds via 1300 737 928 or [email protected]