Safety alert – expected weather forecast and very high fire danger ratings

The expected weather forecast for today and the next few days indicates high to very high fire danger and an increased risk of bushfires across South East Queensland.

We urge all visitors to play it safe when visiting our dams, lakes and parks, particularly when travelling through bushfire prone areas.

Before visiting any of our recreational sites, be sure to:

If you see a fire, call 000 (or 112) immediately. Remain alert and take appropriate precautions. Be aware of current weather conditions and the associated hazards of extreme heat.

Lake Moogerah – Shallow water hazard

Due to the current low water level at Lake Moogerah, a shallow water hazard has become present not far from the AG Muller Park North boat ramp.


The area has been marked with a buoy line, and all users are asked to exercise caution when navigating in the area.

Current closures due to low water levels:

Lake Atkinson

Closed to all water based activities



Lake Clarendon

Closed to all water based activities



Lake Dyer

Closed to all water based activities



Lake Moogerah

Swimming area closed



Lake Wivenhoe Hamon Cove

Boat ramp closed

Catch and release only at Hinze Dam

Seqwater has advised fishers to release and not eat fish from Hinze Dam because of naturally-occurring mercury.

Queensland Health has warned that fish caught in the dam are not suitable to eat due to elevated levels of naturally-occurring mercury in longer-lived fish.

This follows recent results from routine Seqwater fish testing.

The level of mercury in the water is low and well within safe limits for drinking.

An Seqwater spokesman said fishing in Hinze Dam should be catch-and-release only.

Read the media release in full here.

Temporary Closure - Kurwongbah Park

As part of the dam improvement program, Kurwongbah Park located on Dayboro Road will be closed from Tuesday 19 June 2018.

Kurwongbah Park will be the main access to the construction site and will be closed to the public during the upgrade. The park will be reopened once the work is completed.

You can stay up-to-date with the progress of the Sideling Creek Dam Improvement Project by
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Maroon Dam - Slater Park shoreline works

Visitors are advised to exercise caution along the shoreline at Slater Park where undermining and some erosion of the bank is evident.

The affected area has been cordoned off and signage placed at the site.

In the interest of public safety all visitors are requested to please observe the direction of staff and signage while rectification works are completed.