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2023/24 Irrigation water allocations announced

Seqwater today announced water allocations for the start of the 2023/24 water year with many irrigators across South East Queensland receiving their maximum (100%) allocation.

Due to another year of wet conditions and inflows seeing the major irrigation storages remain at high levels, Seqwater’s 1200 irrigation customers will benefit from a continuation of high or full water entitlements.

Central Brisbane, Logan River, Mary Valley and Warrill Valley water supply scheme users will receive 100% allocations for this water year.

Lockyer Valley growers part of the Lower Lockyer Valley Supply Scheme will receive 91% of their allocation, a small decrease from the water year previous (100%), with recent wet seasons breaking a long dry period where there were low or no water allocations for these irrigators due to the low dam level.

Atkinson Dam, currently at 74%, which supplies the Lower Lockyer Valley has been full or high since early 2022, after being below 13% since 2018.

Irrigation customers within the Cedar Pocket Scheme will receive an opening water allocation of 70%.

While allocations cannot decrease during the water year, Seqwater will continue to review the announced allocations less than 100% on a monthly basis, adjusting allocations as needed if substantial inflows are received.

Irrigation customers will automatically receive the State Government 15% discount calculated in their charges. A further 35% rebate in irrigation water charges for horticulture growers is also available until the end of 2023-24.

A summary of the allocations is available in the table below.

Irrigation allocation table for 2023-24
Water Supply Scheme Water Source

High Priority*

Medium Priority*
Cedar Pocket Cedar Pocket Dam NA 70
Central Brisbane Wivenhoe Dam, Somerset Dam 100 100
Central Lockyer** Bill Gun Dam, Clarendon Dam 100 This scheme includes different MP/LP water sources:
MP (surface water) - 100
MP (ground water) - 100
LP (ground water) - 100
Logan River Logan River 100 100
Lower Lockyer Valley Atkinson Dam NA 91
Mary Valley Borumba Dam 100 100
Warrill Valley Moogerah Dam 100 100

* Water sharing rules are based on priority; high priority (HP) primarily for urban supply via water service providers and medium (MP) or low priority (LP) for irrigation and other uses.

**Central Lockyer water year 1 Jan to 31 Dec, all other schemes 1 July to 30 June.


For more information, visit the irrigation page.

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