North Pine Dam, also known as Lake Samsonvale, was completed in 1976 and is home to large populations of aquatic birds.

North Pine Dam is a gated dam, allowing us to make controlled water releases during times of heavy rain. The dam is only used for water supply and does not have a floodwater storage compartment. If you would like to be notified about releases from North Pine, please sign up for our free dam release notification service.

Visiting the lake

Lake Samsonvale is popular for fishing and picnicking. A new network of trails (Postman's Track) is now open for the public to enjoy. Download the trail map for more information.

Access to the lake for boating is available to club members. Please contact the Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association for further information.

Fishing permits are required on Lake Samsonvale. Please contact the Pine Rivers Fish Management Association for details.

Download the Lake Samsonvale Recreation Guide* for detailed information about activities, as well as maps and important safety information.

Note: Recreation at, and access to, our sites may have changed since the recreation guides were published in 2014. We are in the process of updating these guides to simple one-page recreation maps. Until then, please refer to for the most recent updates about recreation activities and site access.

Future recreation changes at Lake Samsonvale

Late last year, we announced we would be making changes at Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurwongbah to improve on-water recreation opportunities following a landmark water quality assessment.

The Australian-first quantitative microbial risk study found Lake Samsonvale was able to cope with the introduction of public paddle craft, in addition to existing club use of the lake, without impacting water quality in the major drinking water storage.

The study, which was conducted over two years, has also allowed us to revise the current shared recreation arrangement on Lake Kurwongbah to allow public rowing, paddling and club skiing, seven days a week.

Recreation at Forgan Cove

Seqwater is currently upgrading the recreation facility at Forgan Cove, Lake Samsonvale. During construction works, Forgan Cove recreation area will be closed to the public.

The construction of this facility is a result of Seqwater's most extensive Recreation Review which was conducted in 2013-14.

Keep an eye on our website for project updates or recreation and safety notices. To find out more about these changes, email

Key facts

Name: North Pine Dam / Lake Samsonvale
Watercourse: North Pine River
Location: Petrie
Year completed: 1976
Type of construction: Concrete gravity dam with earthfill embankments on abutments
Fully supply capacity: 214302ML
Current capacity: 171,908 (80.2% full) at 16-10-2018 2:37pm