Seqwater is responsible for providing a safe, secure and reliable water supply to more than three million people across South East Queensland.

We are one of the few bulk water providers in Australia that manages open catchments, allowing the community to enjoy our lakes and catchment land for recreation, while ensuring the bulk drinking water supply for South East Queensland remains safe and of a high quality.

Our dams, lakes and parks draw more than 2.7 million visitors each year. In 2013-14, in partnership with the Queensland Government, we reviewed recreational opportunities in and around South East Queensland lakes to give people a chance to have a say about activities around their local lake.

The review covered 20 of our lakes, grouped into nine different clusters, and involved significant consultation to ensure we captured the diverse views and recreation needs of the local community, recreation users and special interest groups.

Public consultation has now closed for all lakes. 

  • Consultation process

    Public consultation has now closed for all lakes. We thank everyone who submitted feedback on recreational opportunities in and around our dams, lakes and parks.

  • Outcomes at your lake

    Our recreation guides, information brochures and recreation management plans are all outcomes of the Recreation Review. While consultation has concluded, you can follow progress on review outcomes through our regular updates.

  • Staying informed

    Contact us to find out how you can stay informed of the latest recreation updates.