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Water supply shut down required for pipeline replacement

Priority work to improve reliability of water supply for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands is nearing completion.

Seqwater will need to shut down the water supply to Karragarra, Lamb, and Macleay Islands overnight on Saturday 20 March 2021, to complete the replacement of an 80-metre section of pipeline on Karragarra Island.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Neil Brennan said the replacement project will improve reliability of supply for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, after a series of pipeline bursts in the section of pipe being replaced.

“We are committed to minimising the impacts of this work for residents and businesses which is why the shutdown is happening overnight when water use is at its lowest,” Mr Brennan said.

“The team needs 10 hours to complete this work, so to ensure water is available for everyone in the morning from 7am, the shutdown will start from 9pm,” he said. 

“We realise this will impact some businesses, vulnerable residents and emergency services, so have endeavoured to provide as much notice as possible.”

Residents are advised to begin preparing for an overnight water shutdown by filling suitable containers with drinking water and storing them in the fridge, storing water in the bathtub to be used for toilet flushing and planning to shower or bath before 9pm or after 7am.

When water supply is restored, there may be some air in residential pipes or slightly milky coloured water when residents first turn on their taps. Residents are advised to let the water run for 2-3 minutes to clear. The water is safe to drink.

When the water supply is restored and the repaired main is flushed, residents may notice hydrants with flowing water, this is necessary to flush the pipeline. Residents are requested to not approach the hydrants or attempt to turn them off.

Seqwater worked in coordination with Redland City Council and local businesses to best manage the timing of the required shut down.

Residents who have urgent enquiries during the shutdown should contact Redland City Council on 3829 8999.

More information on how to prepare can be found below.

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