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Water security boost for Brisbane's north

Seqwater is upgrading one of its key water infrastructure assets to boost water security on Brisbane’s northside.

Sparkes Hill Reservoir at Stafford contributes up to 16% of Brisbane’s water supply and is an important part of the SEQ Water Grid, holding up to 94 megalitres of water or the equivalent of 39 Olympic swimming pools. 

Inside Sparkes Hill Reservoir 1.

The reservoir was constructed in 1973 to 1978 by Brisbane City Council. The upgrade work will be the largest undertaken since its construction and will improve the long-term reliability of the larger of the two reservoirs on site.

Work will include improving the stability of the reservoir roof, redesigning and reinstalling the internal support columns and sealing the entire roof structure with a liquid membrane to better protect the stored drinking water.

During the upgrade, the smaller reservoir on site is being ramped up to provide the alternative supply. 

Work is expected to be completed and the larger reservoir returned to service in the first half of 2020.

Sparkes Hill Reservoir will be upgraded to help boost water security on Brisbane's northside

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