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South East Queensland’s best tap water to be decided at this year’s Ekka

Where is the best tasting water in South East Queensland? You be the judge.

Ekka visitors this year will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite sample of drinking water from different sources across the region.

Seqwater will host The Great Water Taste Test at their Water Zone display during People’s Day on Wednesday 14 August.

Drinking water sourced from various treatment plants across SEQ, including the Gold Coast Desalination Plant, will available for people to sample and vote on, with the top drop announced at the end of the day.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Neil Brennan said the aim of the taste test was to highlight how much effort went into providing safe, clean drinking water for communities.

“Water can be an underappreciated resource – most people don't think twice about it as long as the water flows when they turn on the tap,

“But Seqwater and SEQ water service providers work hard to make sure this essential, sustainable service is provided to people 24/7.

“It’s also an opportunity to talk to people about how water is delivered today compared to a decade ago, our future water supply options and the challenges of planning for a growing population and the impact of a changing climate with droughts and floods and everything in between.”

Mr Brennan said the Seqwater Water Zone, located in the Agricultural Pavilion, offered a variety of fun and unique educational displays to teach people about water supply in the region.

“This year, in addition to The Great Water Taste Test, we are serving free iced tea made from desalinated water – Iced Teasal – as well as a giant augmented reality sandpit educating people with a simulation of how water is delivered today and how we are ready to respond to droughts and other climate extremes.

“We recognise the importance of getting people involved in their water supply through education which is why Seqwater delights in offering these displays at the Ekka,’’

The Seqwater stand is located at the Agriculture Pavilion, opposite the Woolworths Pavilion and under the Royal Convention Centre.

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