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Lake Moogerah boat ramp expected to close due to low water levels

Due to declining water levels and for public safety, Seqwater anticipates the northern boat ramp at Lake Moogerah will close in mid-March 2021.

Lake Moogerah continues to decline, and without substantial rainfall the public boat ramp will close for visitor safety.

Lake Moogerah is currently just above 13 per cent capacity and unless there is significant rainfall in the catchment, Seqwater anticipates the boat ramp will be closed during Easter and school holidays.

The lake fell below 15 per cent capacity in mid-January after summer rainfall wasn’t sufficient to replenish water levels.

The closure of the last open boat ramp at Lake Moogerah means public boating, jet skiing and water skiing are not permitted until lake levels increase.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Neil Brennan said the closure was for the safety of visitors, vessels and protection of the foreshore.

“Low water levels can expose previously submerged hazards and make unloading trailered vessels more difficult and dangerous,” Mr Brennan said.

“We acknowledge the impact this closure has on locals and visitors to Lake Moogerah, but our priority is public safety.

“The safety assessment completed by our team took into account the water level at the boat ramp, the potential damage to the ramp and if it is safe to use for all vehicles towing a vessel.”

Seqwater installed electronic signage at the boat ramp in September 2020 to inform visitors of the situation and will continue to update the community as water levels change.

Visitors are able to launch paddlecraft and fish from the shore of the lake. Seqwater will continue to assess the safety of the activities as water levels change.

Boats cannot be launched from the bank as this activity damages the foreshore around the edge of the lake and is a safety hazard as vehicles can easily get bogged.

Mr Brennan said Seqwater, as a large provider of recreation across South East Queensland, recognises the importance of recreation at Moogerah Dam and the tourism and local benefits the lake provides.

“We look forward to welcoming back boaties to Lake Moogerah once water levels return to safe levels
for powered vessels.”

Visitors can enjoy boating and skiing at Lake Maroon, which is approximately 30-minutes north west of Lake Moogerah. Lake Maroon is currently above 50 per cent capacity.

For the latest recreation information, people can visit www.seqwater.com.au/ or download the Seqwater app for iOS and Android.

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