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Drought readiness - you can't always count on the rain!

It's no secret it's been a hot, dry summer.

While drought is not inevitable, with the combined level of our drinking water dams hovering at 70%, it is time to start preparing ourselves - and our homes, gardens and pools - for the possibility of a drought.

What can I do?

  • Use mulch or compost on your garden to improve the soil and retain moisture
  • Reconsider when and how much to water your lawn and gardens. Aim to avoid the heat of the day. Can some plants handle a little less watering?
  • Check if your shower heads, taps, toilets and other appliances are water efficient. Choose water efficient products with a high-water efficiency rating. Do full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher.

  • Use a pool cover and check your pool for leaks

  • Don't leave the tap running e.g. when shaving, brushing teeth, washing fruit and vegetables
  • Check and fix leaks around the home.

For more details check out seqwater.com.au/waterwise or the waterwise videos on this site.

Any questions?

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