One of the most beautiful dams in South East Queensland, is also one of the most secret.

Hidden deep in the Gold Coast hinterland, the 55-year-old Little Nerang Dam, when full, covers an area of about 50 hectares.

The site used to be a popular recreation destination, with the surroundings making for a perfect picture-postcard scene.

Water flowing over the Little Nerang Dam spillway

When the un-gated dam reaches 100 per cent capacity, sheets of water flow over the spillway, providing quite the spectacle.

Following the Australia Day weekend rainfall event in January 2013, the access road to the recreation area at Little Nerang Dam was closed to the public due to safety and stability concerns.

An independent site assessment was conducted and as a result, Seqwater opted to permanently close the road and restrict access to its employees and residents on Little Nerang Dam Road only.

A sheet of water flows over the Little Nerang Dam spillway.

Seqwater employees with operational responsibilities visit the dam at least three times a week to perform routine inspections and check dam levels and instruments.

The main purpose of the dam is for potable water supply of the Gold Coast region. Water flows by gravity pipeline to the Mudgeeraba Water Treatment Plant.

Little Nerang Dam recently began spilling again, after the catchment received two major soakings earlier this month.

During a recent site inspection, Seqwater staff captured some photos of the secluded dam to show people what the dam looks like these days...

Close up of the Little Nerang Dam's un-gated spillway

Looking down from above the Little Nerang Dam spillway

Little Nerang Dam at capacity

Water reaching the bottom of the spillway at Little Nerang Dam