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About North Pine

Constructed in 1976, North Pine Dam, also known as Lake Samsonvale, is built across the North Pine River, five kilometres upstream from Petrie.

North Pine is part of the SEQ Water Grid. It stores drinking water for the people of north Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

It is a gated dam. North Pine's five steel gates allow us to make controlled water releases during times of heavy rain. It's primary purpose is storing water for the people of North Brisbane and Moreton Bay. It also provides flood mitigation benefits.

Once the dam reaches its full supply level, water is discharged from the dam over the spillway. If you would like to be notified about releases from North Pine, sign up for our free dam release notification service or download our public safety mobile app.

Current capacity


On 27 December 2019, Seqwater enacted a Reduced Full Supply Level for North Pine Dam (part of the North Pine Dam Upgrade). The new level equates to a storage percentage of approximately 68% capacity. This new level will remain in place until dam improvement work is completed on North Pine Dam.

Full supply volume
214,302 ML
Operational volume
1 ML
Current volume
144,727 ML
at 12:00am 25/05/2022
Releases occurring
  • Key information

    North Pine (Lake Samsonvale)

    North Pine River

    North Pine River near Strathpine

    Catchment area

    Length of dam wall

    Year completed

    Type of construction
    Mass concrete gravity and compacted fill embankment dam

  • North Pine Dam (Lake Samsonvale) is located on the North Pine River in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area. It stores water for drinking as part of the SEQ Water Grid.

    North Pine has a catchment area of 348km2.  The dam wall is 580m long and 40m high and can hold up to 214,302 million litres of water at full supply.

    Read more about the SEQ Water Grid and how North Pine Dam contributes to our drinking water supply.

  • Flood mitigation

    Gated dams can mitigate flood impacts by controlling the release of water. Care must be taken not to hold back too much water and cause the dam itself to fail. We also operate the dams with the aim that released water does not combine with downstream floodwaters to worsen flooding. This can be difficult as water released from gated dams can take more than 24 hours to reach urban areas, which receive flood water from a variety of sources in a catchment (not just the gated dam).

    During flood events, North Pine Dam is managed in accordance with the Manual of Operational Procedures for Flood Mitigation at North Pine Dam Revision 11 (November 2021).

    A controlled release of water from a gated dam will not necessarily result in downstream flooding. Once the dam reaches its full supply levels, water is discharged from the dam over the spillway, which is located in the central concrete section of the dam.

    The spillway is closed by five steel gates but these are opened progressively during high rainfall events in such a way to reduce the effects of flooding downstream.

    It’s important neighbours and people downstream of dams know what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency. Each of our dams have an emergency action plan (EAP) in place to enable us to respond quickly to potential incidents in partnership with the Bureau of Meteorology, relevant emergency services and local councils. For North Pine Dam, this is Moreton Bay Regional Council.