The new  fluoride dosing facility servicing Brisbane's major water treatment plants at Mt Crosby will undergo commissioning from next week. The new plant is expected to be back fully operational in August.

Commissioning of the refurbished Holts Hill fluoride dosing facility was delayed to allow upgrade works to the East Bank Water Treatment Plant to be completed.

 The commissioning of the new Holts Hill fluoride facility requires both Mt Crosby plants to be operational. The East Bank works were in preparation for a major filter upgrade to the plant planned for 2019. Both Mt Crosby plants are critical, supplying up to 50% of South East Queensland’s daily drinking water supply.

This is the first major upgrade of a fluoride dosing facility since fluoridation was introduced into SEQ in 2009.

Queensland Health has previously advised there is no need for the community to take any action as dental health benefits of fluoride are achieved and maintained over many years.

Queensland Health has also advised the extended shutdown of the fluoride dosing facility will have little impact on benefits provided by a fluoridated drinking water supply.

For health information on fluoride please visit Queensland Health at

For further information telephone (07) 3247 3000 or email