Young Brisbane students will take on the role of Waterway Investigators as they learn more about their local waterway environment and catchments through a unique educational experience. 

Seqwater has teamed up with Healthy Waterways to bring an award-winning educational program called Up the Creek and Down the Drain (UCDD) to North Pine Dam

The program, which was originally developed by Healthy Waterways and the Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre, uses a ‘storythread’ method of teaching to educate students about their local waterway environments.

Students from Years 4 to 6 research and learn by taking on the role of Waterway Investigators. 

The fiction comes to life when the students go on an excursion in the North Pine Dam catchment to take part in the fact finding adventure and then reflect on the experience back in class. 

Students from Samford State School explore Kobble Creek in the North Pine Dam catchment as part of the Up the Creek and Down the Drain education program.

Seqwater Acting Chief Executive Officer Jim Pruss said the bulk water authority saw the program as a great opportunity to help young people develop an understanding and appreciation of their waterways. 

“It’s important that children grow up understanding the importance of water in our lives,” Mr Pruss said. 

“The knowledge, skills and values this education program offers will help students develop a better understanding of water conservation and the source, store supply story in South East Queensland as well as the Seqwater infrastructure that supports it.” 

Teachers from five schools in the Moreton Bay region gathered at Samford Community Hall in June 2016 for a teacher training workshop on the program before launching the unit. 

These teachers adopted the UCDD material into their curriculum during Term 2 and into Term 3, with students visiting North Pine Dam for an excursion hosted by Seqwater in September and October.

Students will build on their knowledge and skills as Waterways Investigators to carry out an individual or class project.

Julie McLellan, CEO of Healthy Waterways, said that Healthy Waterways was delighted to work with Seqwater to deliver Up the Creek and Down the Drain with local students.

“Children are the future custodians of our waterways. Through this program we hope to inspire the next generation of waterway health professionals,” she said.

“Up the Creek and Down the Drain provides a powerful tool that allows students to engage with local waterways, in ways that encourage positive action and behaviour change,” she said.

Seqwater Education Officer Ellie Pobjoy at Kobble Creek with Samford State School students Declan Nicholas, 10 and Harriet Gow, 10.