It’s one of South East Queensland’s most scenic areas on Brisbane’s northside, but when it comes to dogs, Lake Samsonvale is off limits.

In an effort to protect drinking water quality and native wildlife, Seqwater has installed signs at popular recreation sites around Lake Samsonvale to remind visitors the areas are dog-free.

The signs were installed in response to the increasing number of dog owners who were unaware of the no-dogs-allowed policy.

Seqwater Field Ranger Geoff Searle said the restriction had always been in place since the dam was built as a way of protecting drinking water quality.

“Lake Samsonvale is a major drinking water supply for South East Queensland this is just one on many rules in place to make sure there are no adverse impacts to the water supply.

“Dog waste contains parasites and bacteria – so we don’t want it washing into our water supply lake.

“Another issue is that dogs can cause stress and injury to native wildlife .”

Mr Searle said many dog owners within the restricted area had told Seqwater staff they were not aware of the rules.

“We’ve installed the signs because it’s important for people to be aware,” Mr Searle said.

“We recently opened a new paddle craft launch area at Forgan Cove and have observed high numbers of people bringing their pets to that area.

“We’re taking an educational approach by installing signs and other communication material to remind dog – and cat owners – of the rules.

“Most of the people we speak to are understanding after we explain why the restrictions are in place.”

For more information about dog on-leash areas at Seqwater lakes and parks – including where permitted on-leash areas are located - visit