Heavy rain across South East Queensland has been a welcome boost to dam levels.

In the past 48 hours, the catchment average rainfall for the coastal areas ranged from 130 mm to 230 mm, topping up dams across the region.

The SEQ Water Grid, which makes up nearly 90% of South East Queensland’s total water storage, climbed to 76.8 per cent – a 1.2 per cent increase in the past 24 hours. Inflows for the
dams will continue over the next few days.

The Grid has captured over 35,000 million litres of water flows as of Saturday morning.

The following un-gated dams are spilling excess water: Cedar Pocket, Lake Macdonald, Borumba, Poona, Wappa, Ewen Maddock, Lake Manchester, Enoggera, Gold Creek, Leslie Harrison, Wyaralong, Little Nerang and Hinze dams.

The rain took Sunshine Coast’s main water storage, Baroon Pocket Dam closer to spilling with the dam receiving an inflow of 5,000 million litres in the past 24 hours, topping it up to over 86 per cent full.

Wivenhoe Dam is at 69.0 per cent capacity, North Pine Dam is at 74.8 per cent and Somerset Dam at 77.7 per cent.

No gated releases are planned for Wivenhoe Dam or North Pine Dam.

Operational releases are being made from Somerset Dam to Wivenhoe Dam to balance the water storage levels across these dams, which are operated as one system.

The floodwater storage compartments at Wivenhoe Dam and Somerset Dam are fully available. The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast clearing weather with showers expected across the
region for the next five days.

Seqwater maintains a 24/7 watching brief on the dam catchments and closely monitors weather forecasts, dam levels, rainfall and the potential consequences of inflows into the dams.

For more information about Seqwater’s dam levels, visit www.seqwater.com.au.