Seqwater is once again preparing to undertake another series of prescribed burns to mitigate the risk of wildfires and protect communities and the environment.

As part of the bulk water authority’s Fire Management Program, about 106 prescribed burns of various sizes and locations – 22 of which have been nominated High Priority burn tasks – are planned to take place across South East Queensland over the next four to five months, subject to conditions.

Image: Seqwater Fire Officer Andrew takes part in planned burn.

Water Source Services Manager Robert Drury said Seqwater would be working closely with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, rural fire brigades and other agencies, as well as its many neighbours, to carry out burns across our natural areas.

“As a large landholder in South East Queensland, Seqwater is committed to proactive fire management across our dam catchments,” Mr Drury said.

“Prescribed burns are an effective way of reducing fuel loads and mitigating bushfire risk to Seqwater-owned land and neighbouring properties.

“Each burn we carry our means we are better prepared for the possible wildfire season.”

In addition to fire prevention, Mr Drury said the planned burns assisted ecological management by allowing natural regeneration of native vegetation and mitigated risk to water quality from potential impacts of wildfires. Mr Drury said Seqwater’s prescribed burn season generally ran from the start of autumn until the end of August each year, dependant on conditions.

“Low winds, mild tempera tires and favourable relative humidity make it possible for use to conduct burns safely,” Mr Drury said. “The safety of the community, attending fire-trained staff and the environment is of primary importance in planning prescribed burns.

“Seqwater carries out a range of pre-burn preparations, in conjunction with the QFES, to make sure the planned burn area is appropriately ready.

“If the conditions are not suitable, the burn is postponed until a more favourable time—this may be the following or a subsequent burn season.” South East Queenslanders can access information about Seqwater’s planned burn schedule by following Seqwater on Twitter or Facebook, downloading the Seqwater app or visiting Seqwater’s website at

Image: Seqwater Ranger Scott takes part in planned burn.

Tips to reduce the effects of smoke

  • Avoid hanging washing out to dry during the burn period
  • Stay indoors
  • Close windows and doors
  • If you have a respiratory health condition, follow the advice of your health practitioner
  • In case of an emergency call Triple Zero (000).