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Toowoomba to Warwick Pipeline project update

Planning and design works are continuing for the Toowoomba to Warwick Pipeline project that will supply a permanent water supply to residents in the four Toowoomba Regional Council towns of Cambooya, Greenmount, Nobby and Clifton.

The pipeline, when complete, will also serve as a drought contingency water supply for residents within the Southern Downs Regional Council areas of Warwick, Allora, Yangan, and by carting south to Stanthorpe and Killarney.

Seqwater is in the process of completing detailed ecological investigations to help progress the design development and inform which locations along the pipeline route should be avoided, where possible. These investigations are completed via a combination of desktop and field survey techniques to identify and ground-truth protected plant species, important habitats, valuable waterway environments and significant or locally important street trees along the alignment.

Geotechnical investigations are also underway and will likely continue into December 2023, subject to weather and unforeseen conditions.

EPBC referral

As part of the environmental regulatory process, Seqwater has submitted an Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act (EPBC) referral. This process is administered by the Australian Government to help protect unique plants, habitats, animals, and places.

To view the referral, visit https://epbcpublicportal.awe.gov.au/all-referrals/, and search for EPBC number 2023/09644.

Please note, Seqwater has taken a very conservative approach with the EPBC referral by assessing all options for the pipeline footprint, while the final design is confirmed. In other words, the EPBC referral assesses a broader area than is likely to be part of the pipeline alignment. 

Finalisation of the pipeline route is a complex process and is subject to ongoing discussions with Toowoomba Regional Council, Southern Downs Regional Council, and landholders, as well as engineering and environmental considerations.

We recognise that projects can have an impact on the environment and therefore we are committed to minimising and mitigating impacts where possible and demonstrating environmental responsibility by meeting any legislative, regulatory and duty of care requirements.

Corridor alignment update

The project remains in the pre-construction phase and Seqwater is on track to confirm the finalised pipeline route in early 2024. The pipeline will run along existing road reserves and easements for most of its route for safety and efficiency reasons. Seqwater is engaging with affected property owners as details of the route are finalised.

While the pipeline route and design are still being confirmed, it is anticipated that the pipeline will be located completely underground. Once the design and route are finalised, Seqwater will share details with the community.

A copy of the latest corridor alignment map is available on our web page (scan QR code below) or if you would like a hard copy, please or email the project team and we can mail you a copy.

Procurement update

Seqwater is working towards the appointment of a suitably qualified head contractor to deliver the construction phase of the project. A market expression of interest (EOI) is underway and Seqwater recently hosted two industry briefings in early November 2023 at Toowoomba and Warwick, ahead of the planned tender release in early 2024. In selecting a head contractor, Seqwater will give weighted favour to contractors that commit to engaging local subcontractors and suppliers. The project will involve trades associated with pipeline installation, reservoir construction and pump station construction and is estimated to employ more than 400 workers during the construction phase.

Keeping you informed

Once the pipeline route has been finalised, we will share this information with the community. We will also continue to keep you updated as the project progresses.

In the meantime, to sign up to our project updates, simply email us requesting to be added to the ‘Toowoomba to Warwick Pipeline project update list’. If you would like more information on the project or to view the latest corridor alignment map, click on the link below or contact the project team via:

Receiver outline   07 3432 7000 (during business hours)

Envelope outline   [email protected]

World outline   www.seqwater.com.au/project/toowoomba-warwick-pipeline

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