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  • 17 August 2018
Water security and consumption update - 17 August 2018

Weekly update on the region's water security and consumption, as well as recreation updates and news.

  • Desal-a-cinos to help perk up people's interest in SEQ's water future
    • 16 August 2018

    This EKKA Seqwater is serving free freshly brewed

  • In the pipeline - workers go underground to investigate crucial water pipeline
    • 6 August 2018

    Once every three years, a team of hard-hatted specialists negotiate their way through a cramped, 2.5 kilometre-long tunnel located deep underground, in order to evaluate the integrity of one of the Sunshine Coast’s most important bulk water pipelines.

  • Lake Somerset now reopened to all approved water based activities
    • 27 July 2018

    Lake Somerset is now reopened to all approved water based activities including skiing and swimming.

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From time to time, we need to upgrade our network of dams, plants, pipelines and associated infrastructure to maintain a reliable water supply for SEQ.

Recreation and safety notices

When there is a potential public health or safety risk, we may temporarily close lakes or parks until it is safe to re-open for public access.