You’d think Santa would have waited until all his presents were delivered before taking a break to go fishing.

In what is becoming an annual tradition to bring about some festive cheer, ‘fishing Santa’ has re-emerged at Ewen Maddock Dam.

The spectacle is the work of members of the community - who wish to remain anonymous - with help from Seqwater, who manages the dam.

“It started in 2016, when a model of Santa fishing suddenly appeared on the shore of the dam,” Seqwater Senior Planner Tim Odgers said.

“The following December, Ol’ Saint Nick appeared again, this time mounted on a jet ski.

“We thought it was a fun way to spread some festive cheer and managed to track down the people responsible.

“We arranged to work together with the Santa-makers so that future installations could be carried out safely.”

For those travelling past Ewen Maddock Dam on the Steve Irwin Way, you will no doubt notice the man in red, this year fishing from his sleigh on the waters of the dam.

“With the help of Seqwater rangers, we anchored Santa down in one of the restricted areas of the lake.

“A lot of people get enjoyment out of the spectacle, and this year his sleigh is fitted with solar power lights, so you can even spot him at night.

“We are amazed by the amount of effort these community members have gone to, to make this year’s Santa is better than ever”.