Data for Water Reporting Zones

Summary of annual performance for bulk supply

In the absence of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 prescribing a long-term performance measure for microbial water quality, for the purposes of this report 12 monthly microbial performance is benchmarked against the Public Health Regulation 2005 annual value.

Important note: 100% compliance with Queensland Public Health Regulation health parameters for E.coli is based on the 98th percentile. This means 98 out of 100 tests must comply to achieve 100% annual compliance requirements. One sample in February 2018 returned a positive detection, which is within the guidelines to achieve 100% annual compliance. Refer to Schedule 3A Standards for quality of drinking water (page 61 of Public Health Regulation 2005).

Monthly comparison report

Monthly performance

Annual performance

Information regarding Exceedences

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