Lake Macdonald is located in the Noosa hinterland and is part of South East Queensland’s drinking water supply.

It is an un-gated dam, meaning that when it reaches 100 per cent capacity, water flows over the spillway and safely out of the dam. If you would like to be notified when Lake Macdonald (Six Mile Creek) Dam begins to spill, please sign up to our free dam release notification service.

For residents living downstream of Lake Macdonald Dam, click here to read more about how the dam has been designed and constructed, what Seqwater does to manage the dam and how the dam performed during the heavy rainfall associated with ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017.


Lake Macdonald is situated in picturesque landscapes and is a great recreation destination, with permitted activities including horse riding, boating and canoeing.

Permits are not required for boating at Lake Macdonald. A SIPS permit is required for fishing at Macdonald. Visit the Fisheries website for information and to purchase your permit.

Download the Lake Macdonald Recreation Guide for detailed information about activities, as well as maps and important safety information.

Dam Improvement Program

Seqwater has commenced its Dam Improvement Program to ensure the region’s dams continue to meet national standards. The program will see us upgrade some dams and reduce the water levels of others until such time as upgrade works can be completed.

Lake Macdonald (Six Mile Creek Dam) is one of the six dams included in Seqwater’s Dam Improvement Program.

Click here to find out more about the project, CRG application process and how to be informed of project updates.

Key facts

Name: Lake Macdonald / Six Mile Creek Dam
Watercourse: Six Mile Creek
Location: Approx 4 km North East of Cooroy
Catchment area: 49.0km 2
Length of dam wall: 501.0m
Lake surface area: 260.0ha
Year completed: 1965
Type of construction: Earth & rockfill dam
Full supply waterline: 95.3mAHD (above sea level)
Fully supply capacity: 8018ML
Current capacity: 7,783 (97.1% full) at 15-09-2019 3:33pm
Spillway level: 95.3mAHD