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Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant

Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant upgrade

Seqwater is investing almost $800,000 to upgrade the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant on the Sunshine Coast.

The plant supplies water to the township of Kenilworth, which is one of our off-grid communities.

Constructed in 1994, the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant is designed to treat up to 400,000 litres a day. It uses green sand filtration and chemical dosing to treat water. An ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system was later installed in 2015 to improve its treatment capability.


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Water treatment plant upgrade

To support our commitment to a safe, sustainable and efficient water supply, Seqwater is investing almost $800,000 to upgrade Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant. The upgrade will improve the treatment process and treated water quality.

Work is scheduled to start from Monday 15 June 2020 and continue for three to four months, subject to weather conditions and other unexpected delays.  

What to expect

  • Contractors will be working within the water treatment plant and using the Mary Street entrance to access the site.
  • Work hours will be 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Activities include earthworks, access road work, and installation of new equipment.
  • Potential noise and dust from the work will be mitigated as much as possible to minimise disruption.
  • Use of heavy machinery and equipment including excavators and trucks.
  • Changed traffic conditions on Mary Street and Philip Street in front of Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant. The traffic speed will be altered from 60 km/h to 40 km/h and temporary stop / go directions may be applied at certain times. 
  • We do not expect there will be any changes to your water supply as a result of this critical work.


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      Plant upgrades provide water supply boost for Kenilworth

      Water security in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Kenilworth is about to receive a significant boost, with its water treatment plant poised to receive almost $800,000 in upgrades.

      Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Neil Brennan said Kenilworth was one of 16 off-grid communities across South East Queensland, which meant it was not connected to the SEQ Water Grid and relied on local water sources.

      “Without the availability of the grid, it’s important that our off-grid plants continue to operate safely and reliably to meet the water demand for these regional communities,” Mr Brennan said.

      “That is why we are making this investment to upgrade the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant, a move that will secure local water supply well into the future.”

      Upgrade work is scheduled to begin this week to improve the treatment process at the plant and treated water quality. The project is expected to take about four months to complete.

      “We do not expect there to be any changes to the local water supply as a result of this critical work and we’re working with the local community to make sure any disruptions are kept to a minimum,” Mr Brennan said.

      The Kenilworth water supply scheme sources water from a wet well buried in the sand on the bank of the Mary River.

      For more information about the project visit seqwater.com.au/projects

      View of the green sand filter and back wash tank at the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant