Have you ever thought about undertaking an apprenticeship to start your future career? This is your opportunity to earn while you learn.

Our dedicated maintenance teams work behind the scenes ensuring our assets are maintained for the safe and reliable operation of our water treatment plants, pipelines and dams.

Seqwater offers apprenticeships in the electrical and mechanical fields.

As an apprentice you work as part of a team mentored by our highly experienced tradespersons to provide electrical or mechanical services such as:

  • Inspections, cleaning and calibration of water quality instruments
  • Maintenance and repair of fixed and mobile plant
  • Site inspections
  • Cleaning of pump wells, reservoirs, tanks and weirs
  • Pipe repairs and maintenance.

An apprenticeship with us is generally four (4) years in duration, where you will have all the necessary training and development to achieve your nationally recognised trade qualification.

There are currently no apprenticeship opportunities available.