Following Seqwater’s establishment on 1 January 2013, we assumed the responsibility for long-term water security planning for South East Queensland. The Water Act 2000 requires us to develop a Water Security Program for securing water across the region over the next 30 years.

On 6 July 2015, Seqwater released Water for life – a 30-year plan for providing safe, secure and cost-effective drinking water for South East Queensland. This long-term plan will provide enough water to sustain household and business needs for our growing region.

Central to Water for life is the Water Security Program. The program is a blueprint that builds on previous work and discusses the many factors surrounding the secure delivery of bulk water to South East Queensland – the risks and influences we need to manage, the many options available to us, and how we make the best choices for the region. 

The program was developed using extensive research, input from stakeholders including water retailers, and oversight from a panel of independent experts. It has been delivered within the guidelines set by the Department of Energy and Water Supply.

Alongside feedback from the community, we will continue assessments until 2017 to deliver on our requirements.

Water security - making the best choices for the region.