Protecting our water assets

We interact with, and in many ways depend on, a wide variety of stakeholders that include local governments, communities, indigenous groups, and individual landholders, and the state government agencies involved in various aspects of water and land management.

The State Planning Policy (SPP) identifies the Queensland Government’s interests in planning and development and how they must be dealt with in local government planning schemes, development assessment processes and in designating land for community infrastructure.

State interests identified in the SPP include ‘water quality’, ‘natural hazards’ and ‘energy and water supply’. The interactive mapping available identifies (amongst other things) urban water supply storages, water supply buffer areas and bulk water supply infrastructure.

In certain circumstances, the SPP requires that the specific outcomes and measures in Seqwater’s Development Guidelines be addressed in development applications, local government planning schemes and in designating land for community infrastructure.

From 2 December 2013, Seqwater’s concurrence agency role in relation to development applications is limited to development applications for certain building works (refer to Schedule 7, Table 1, Item 27A of the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009). However, the assessment manager, or concurrence agency for a development application may, pursuant to section 256 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, seek advice or comment from Seqwater in relation to the application at any stage of the development application assessment process, other than the compliance stage.

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Protecting our water assets