Protecting our water assets

Seqwater works collaboratively with state and local government, individual land holders, agencies and the community to implement planning processes and outcomes that recognise the importance of a safe, secure and reliable drinking water supply.

On 3 July 2017, Queensland adopted a new planning framework under the Planning Act 2016 and the Planning Regulation 2017

The State Planning Policy (SPP) is a state instrument which identifies a variety of state interests, of which those for water quality, energy and water supply and infrastructure integration are relevant to Seqwater. These and other state interests are implemented through the SPP until such time as they are reflected in local planning schemes. The SPP Interactive Mapping System identifies the water supply buffer area, water resource catchment areas and bulk water supply infrastructure. 

Local government and the Coordinator-General can refer development applications to Seqwater for third party advice and referral entity advice, to assist in determining whether an application has met Seqwater’s state interests.  Applications are assessed against the SPP, the SPP Guidance: Water Quality and the Seqwater Development Guidelines for Water Quality Management in Drinking Water Catchments, the SPP Guidance: Energy and Water Supply and the SPP Guidance: Infrastructure Integration and SPP Guidance: Natural hazards, risks and resilience - Flood.

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Protecting our water assets