Ensuring a consistent, high quality water supply

Water treatment currently takes place at 46 locations, including Molendinar and Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast, Mt Crosby to the west and North Pine to the north of Brisbane, and Landers Shute on the Sunshine Coast.

The processes and technologies used to remove contaminants from raw water and to improve and protect water quality are similar to those used all around the world. The most widely applied water treatment process – known as conventional treatment – is a combination of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration, and is used by the majority of Seqwater’s treatment facilities.

Innovative water treatment technologies are becoming more and more important in response to the challenges associated with some of our raw water sources. Advanced water treatment – comprising conventional treatment plus additional process streams such as ozonation and biological activated carbon filtration – enhance the removal of toxins, organic matter, pesticides and disinfection by-products. These advanced treatment processes are used at the Landers Shute, Ewen Maddock, and Noosa facilities on the Sunshine Coast, and Banksia Beach Water Treatment Plant on Bribie Island.

Drinking water treated at our plants meets the stringent standards set by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, which have been endorsed by the World Health Organization.

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Ensuring a consistent, high quality water supply