Nindooinbah Dam was constructed in 1961 as an off-stream water storage for the Water Treatment Plant for Beaudesert township. Unlike most dams, Nindooinbah wasn’t built across a waterway such as a creek or river and has to be filled by pumping from the Albert River, and not stream flows. During heavy rainfall events the dam receives very small localised inflows. Following the decommissioning of the Water Treatment Plant and pump station on the Albert River, the dam is no longer used for water supply.

In 2012-13, Seqwater commissioned an independent review, which found improvements are needed at a number of our 26 regulated dams, including Nindooinbah Dam, to meet the Queensland Dam Safety Guidelines. The review identified an unacceptable risk of piping through the embankment at the dam’s original full supply level and during flood conditions. Piping occurs when there is soil erosion within the embankment or foundation caused by water seeping from the storage through the embankment to the downstream side of the dam.

To reduce this risk, Seqwater lowered the dam’s full supply level by three metres. Lowering the water level in a dam reduces water pressure and loads on the dam wall, and can also create temporary storage to increase its capacity to manage heavy rainfall events.

To achieve the full three metre lowering, we needed to drop the water level to 119.8 metres above sea level or about 79% of the dam’s 270 million litre capacity. This is what we call the operating full supply level and we have confirmed these operating arrangements for the dam with the dam safety regulator. What this means is that when there is rain in the dam and the dam’s water level rises above 79%, we have to release water through a siphon to gradually bring the level back to 79%. Nindooinbah does not contribute to the region’s water supply so the lowering has had no impact on water security in SEQ.

Nindooinbah is an un-gated dam which means that when it reaches 100 per cent capacity, water flows over the spillway and into the river downstream. If you would like to be notified when Nindooinbah Dam begins to spill, please sign up to our free dam release notification service.

Seqwater is committed to operating Nindooinbah Dam to national and state dam safety standards and we also recognise the value of the dam to the local environment and wildlife, as well as the social benefits of the dam to local residents.


Public access is available to the dam wall embankment area. No other recreation activities are permitted.


Key facts

Name: Nindooinbah Dam
Location: Near Beaudesert
Type of construction: Clay core earth embankment
Fully supply capacity: 270ML
Current capacity: 193 (71.6% full) at 20-08-2019 10:30am
Spillway level: 122.0mAHD

There is a walking trail available to the dam wall embankment area at Nindooinbah Dam.