Little Nerang Dam was completed in 1961 and is on Little Nerang Creek, directly upstream of the Hinze Dam.

It is an un-gated dam, meaning that when it reaches 100 per cent capacity, water flows over the spillway and safely out of the dam. If you would like to be notified when Little Nerang Dam begins to spill, please sign up to our free dam release notification service.

Little Nerang Dam Access Road closure

Since the Australia Day weekend rainfall event in January 2013, the access road to the recreation area at Little Nerang Dam has been closed to the public due to safety and stability concerns. An independent site assessment has been conducted and as a result of this assessment, Seqwater has decided to permanently close the road and restrict access to Seqwater employees and residents on Little Nerang Dam Road only.
Alternate recreational facilities are located nearby at Hinze Dam. Facilities include lakeside parks, walking, bike and horse trails, ample car parking, toilet facilities and barbeque areas for public use.
As a result of the closure, Little Nerang Dam has been removed from Seqwater’s Recreation Review. The community is encouraged to get involved in the Recreation Review for Hinze Dam, which is due to commence in May 2014. Visit
If you would like more information, please contact Seqwater Community Relations team on 1800 771 497 or email


No recreation is permitted at Little Nerang Dam.

Key facts

Name: Little Nerang
Watercourse: Little Nerang Creek
Location: Nerang
Catchment area: 35.2km 2
Length of dam wall: 201.0m
Year completed: 1961
Type of construction: Mass concrete gravity dam
Fully supply capacity: 6705ML
Current capacity: 6,201 (92.5% full) at 15-09-2019 5:13pm

No recreation is currently permitted at Little Nerang Dam.