Water from Gold Creek Dam was supplied to Brisbane via gravity main to Kenmore until 1919. In 1928 a tunnel was constructed from Gold Creek to Enoggera Creek and the two reservoirs are now operated as a single connected storage. Gold Creek Dam was extensively refurbished in 2005.

It was the world's first concrete stepped spillway and the precursor of modern roller compacted concrete stepped spillways.

It is an un-gated dam, meaning that when it reaches 100 per cent capacity, water flows over the spillway and safely out of the dam. If you would like to be notified when Gold Creek Dam begins to spill, please sign up to our free dam release notification service.


There are no on-water recreational activities permitted at Gold Creek. Mountain biking and horse riding are permitted around the lake. 

Please read the Gold Creek Recreation Guide for more information.


Key facts

Name: Gold Creek Dam / Gold Creek Reservoir
Watercourse: Gold Creek
Location: West of Brisbane
Catchment area: 10.5km 2
Length of dam wall: 190.0m
Lake surface area: 23.0ha
Year completed: 1885; upgraded 2005
Type of construction: Earthfill and central puddle clay core
Full supply waterline: 95.7mAHD (above sea level)
Fully supply capacity: 801ML
Current capacity: 597 (74.6% full) at 20-08-2019 8:06am
Spillway level: 95.7mAHD