The Bromelton Offstream Storage is located 5 kilometres north of Beaudesert, adjacent to the Logan River, and was completed in 2008. The offstream storage helps to accommodate the growing demand from urban and industrial development in the Beaudesert area.

Harvesting water into the off-stream storage from the Logan River provides an additional yield of 5,000 megalitres per year.

Key facts

Name: Bromelton Dam / Bromelton Offstream Storage
Location: Adjacent to Logan River
Catchment area: 1.0km 2
Length of dam wall: 4110.0m
Lake surface area: 1.0ha
Year completed: 2008
Type of construction: Earthfill embankment with sand filters
Fully supply capacity: 8210ML
Current capacity: 2,300 (28.0% full) at 16-03-2015 9:15am

No recreation activities are permitted.