Mitigating the risk of wildfire

Bushfires in Queensland usually occur during spring and summer each year. As a major landholder, we undertake planned burns during the cooler months, ahead of peak vegetation growth and the bushfire season.

When preparing for and performing planned burns, we consider:

  • protecting the lives of our staff, visitors and neighbours
  • protecting Seqwater land and adjacent property
  • reducing the risk and potential spread of wildfires
  • protecting the quality for our drinking water storages
  • establishing conservation, mitigation and protection zones
  • developing a program for biodiversity planned burns to maintain or improve biodiversity and ecological values for native flora and fauna

We prioritise our burn program each year to ensure those areas with the most fire risk are a focus. Seqwater works with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and other key agencies to plan each planned burn. We conduct each planned burn in accordance with a QFES burn permit, which outlines the ideal temperature, wind speed and direction, and humidity conditions to conduct the burn.

Planned burns possible between 20 June 2019 - 1 July 2019

Hinze Dam (Gold Coast)

DHZ007 Gate 2 ALPZ
Nerang Muwillumbah Rd, Advancetown.

DHZ009 Rec Area HR’s
Hinze Dam Access Rd, Hinze Dam (Advancetown)

DHZ010 Scout Camp APZ/OPZ
Pine Ck Rd, Numinbah.

Moogerah Dam (Scenic Rim)

DMO002 Ski Ten Club ALPZ
Moogerah Connection Rd, Lake Moogerah

DMO001 Reynold’s Ck APZ/OPZ
Seqwater Access Rd, off Moogerah Connection Rd, Lake Moogerah.

Wyaralong Dam (Scenic Rim)

DWY002 Crows Ash (subject to rain)
Knehr Rd and Old Beaudesert Rd, Wyaralong

DWY003 Worley ALPZ (subject to rain)
Lillybrook Rd and Boonah Beaudesert Rd (Hwy), Coulson

DWY005 Brennan House
Boonah Beaudesert Rd (Hwy), Bromelton

DWY006 Coulson Reveg
Boonah Beaudesert Rd (Hwy), Coulson

Leslie Harrison Dam (Tingalpa Reservoir)

DLH004 Ibrox Nursery 
Oakridge St, Burbank.

DLH003 Horseshoe Peninsula
Mt Cotton Rd, Burbank.

North Pine Dam (Lake Samsonvale)

DNP005 Hays Scrub
Easter and Strong Rds, Lake Samsonvale

Wivenhoe Dam (Lake Wivenhoe)

DWI002 Wivenhoe Pocket
Brisbane Valley Hwy, Wivenhoe Dam

DWI005 Alverley Park
Brisbane Valley Hwy, Lake Wivenhoe


Looking for more information? Download our fire management fact sheet here.

Mitigating the risk of wildfire