From time to time we need to upgrade our water treatment, storage and transport infrastructure to maintain a reliable supply to our communities. In September 2015 we conducted a major upgrade of the Mudgeeraba Water Treatment Plant (WTP). This upgrade will ensure the plant continues to operate efficiently and provide Gold Coast residents with a secure supply of water.

Mudgeeraba WTP is a significant asset for south east Queensland, particularly the southern Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. This sub-regional demand is met by supply from water treatment plants at Molendinar and more northern facilities including Mt Crosby and North Pine, as well as the Gold Coast Desalination Plant. There are some areas of the Gold Coast that can only be effectively supplied from Mudgeeraba.

The Mudgeeraba WTP upgrade commenced on Monday 31 August 2015 and was completed in late September 2015.

The upgrade involved improving chemical dosing systems and valve pits, relocating a chemical analyser building and installing a new section of pipework.

Seqwater looked at a number of options to maintain water supply to customers while the Mudgeeraba treatment plant is shutdown. The Gold Coast Desalination Plant was the most suitable option for supplying water during the shutdown.

Desalinated water has been supplied to parts of the Gold Coast since the desalination plant was commissioned in 2008 and the plant continues to supply water to the grid every week.

The Gold Coast Desalination Plant removes soluble salts and minerals from sea water to produce safe and reliable water for drinking. Take a virtual tour of the Gold Coast Desalination Plant to find out more about the plant, or click here to read more about the desalination process

If you have any enquiries about the upgrade, or would like more information about the Gold Coast Desalination Plant, please contact Seqwater’s Community Relations Team on 1800 771 497 or email

Fast facts

  • Mudgeeraba WTP is one of the five largest treatment plants operated by Seqwater
  • Mudgeeraba WTP supplies the Southern Regional Water Pipeline (SRWP) – the only plant that can service the southern portion of Gold Coast
  • The upgrade to Mudgeeraba WTP will see an increase in the production of drinking water from 60 ML per day to 105 ML a day