The world’s largest interactive multi-touch installation is now offering a fascinating way for people to learn about where their water comes from.

The experience has become available at a two-storey digital and interactive facility called The Cube, located in the heart of the Queensland University of Technology’s Science and Engineering Centre.

In collaboration with Seqwater, QUT researchers have developed The Cube Water Globe, which uses visualisation technology and sophisticated satellite imagery to allow users to explore the world and discover how drinking water is sourced, stored and supplied in South East Queensland.

Anyone can play – and learn.

World leaders visited The Cube to see the Water Globe during their stay in Brisbane for the G20 in 2014. Following the event it was adapted for educational purposes.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Peter Dennis said the unique experience helped inspire and engage the next generation to think about the water cycle and our water future.

The Cube Globe will be showing Monday 4 July to Friday 8 July and is free of charge.

The Science and Engineering Centre is located at P Block at Gardens Point.

For more information, including session times, visit

Explore the water's journey from catchment to your tap with The Cube Globe at QUT.