Some Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Noosa residents may be noticing a difference to the taste and smell of tap water at home or work due to a change in their drinking water supply.

The region's drinking water supply is currently being supplemented from Brisbane to allow for a major upgrade of the Landers Shute Water Treatment Plant.

As raw water sources differ from location to location, variations in drinking water occur throughout the region. Every water source has its own distinct taste and smell as a result of its catchment and local water treatment processes.

No matter the difference, our tap water continues to meet the strict health requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011.

To help reduce the differences in taste and smell some customers are noticing, Seqwater has increased chemical treatment and will continue to work with Unitywater to monitor and test the water over the coming weeks.

For more information about these bulk water changes, email